Want Bigger Biceps?

Want Bigger Biceps?

Want bigger Biceps?

Of course you do, every body want bigger biceps. Unfortunately it is 1 muscle that most people train incorrectly. So follow these 3 tips to maximise growth and start splitting your sleeves.


Getting the full movement and isolating the bicep is key for ultimate tension. When we curl the only joint we should be moving is the elbow joint. There is no need to incorporate any movement from the shoulder or trying to gain momentum from the hips simply to lift more weight, more weight does not mean more growth. Concentrate more on a strict movement closing the gap at the elbow for maximum squeeze and as we lower the weight go to full extension straightening out the arm and even flexing the tricep to ensure the greatest stretch. Remember greater range of motion and holding tension through this is what will make these suckers grow!


Don’t race through the set! Remember we are curling the weight not swinging it. Control the movement as we contract the muscle, pause and squeeze at the top. On the way down or the eccentric take your time don’t just let the weight drop back to the bottom. We can take more load through the eccentric phase so utilize this. Handy hint if you can not stop the weight at any point of the lift you are not in control and you are lifting too heavy.


It does not matter how hard you train any muscle group in your body, if you do not have a set program you will not get the results you want. If you are simply going to the gym and moving random shit you will get random results. Get a plan of attack that has specific progressions and stick to it.

There it is 3 simple tips to incorporate immediately for kick ass gains!

Have a great day guys!


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