The Two Biggest Training Tips For Fat Loss

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The Two Biggest Training Tips For Fat Loss


Today I’m going to share with you the two essential fat-loss tips that anyone in the world can start to use, no matter where they stand in relation to their goals at the moment.

No shortage of people are desperate to learn how to sculpt the perfect midsection. As well as this most of us also want to know what we should be eating to maximise muscle growth. There is, however, a significant demographic of people to whom the workout that got Hugh Jackman his awesome physique in Wolverine might not yet be relevant.

There is nothing at all wrong with wanting to look lean and ripped, if that’s your thing (it is a lot of peoples thing), but for someone who’s journey has just begun it might not be exactly the advice you need. In the early days, what is truly important is maintaining your focus on the fundamentals. If you took your first ever boxing lesson yesterday, then concerning yourself today with how Muhammad Ali prepared himself for his championship bout with Sonny Liston is going to be less relevant than working on your guard.

So, whether you have just began your fitness journey or you’re already on your way, if you’re still ten, twenty, fifty or more kilos away still from needing to worry about how to sculpt your abs, here are two HUGE pieces of practical, actionable training advice you can implement today that will get you more results than doing it any other way.

1). Lift weights: Forget about the endless hours of cardio. Start right now building some lean muscle to increase your metabolism. All you’re going to do with chronic cardio is put yourself at greater risk of injury whilst simultaneously burning away muscle tissue that might have helped you strip more fat at rest. Lifting weight, meanwhile, will cause you to put a little muscle on your frame, improve your body composition, reduce your risk of injury, and cause your body to continue working to burn that body-fat long after your training session is finished.

How to do it: You’re going to need some instruction to make sure your technique is good, but in order to achieve maximum results you need to be focusing on big, compound movements. Right now you’re not trying to sculpt your guns, or make sure your abs are maximally shredded, you’re just trying to build muscle across the board. The most effective way to do this is to perform a lot of big movements. Squat, deadlift, bench, chin ups or lat pulldowns. Any movement that sees you engage your entire core effectively as well as the muscles you’re working. Don’t worry about isolation right now, you can build your calves to look beautiful further down the track, just pack on some good, solid, all-round lean muscle.

2). Walk regularly: Instead of jogging, cycling or rowing yourself into the ground, try walking. Yes, a lot of people are going to talk to you about the wonders of interval training, and yes, they are right. However, once again it’s a technique used by some of the most elite athletes, and right now, let’s just nail down the fundamentals. There are going to be plenty more tricks we introduce further down the track, after all we don’t want to fire all our guns at once, do we? Right now though, you are going to see noticeable results from just walking every day. You can even walk a little bit on the days you are weight training, just avoid doing it to the extent that it fatigues you and interferes with the quality of your lifting. Walking will help to burn body-fat but won’t put your muscle at nearly the same level of risk as using most of the “wonderful” machines you see at the gym.

How to do it: Get yourself some comfortable, supportive footwear, and head outside. Walk at a pace where you could continue a conversation but might have to interrupt yourself every few syllables for purposes of breathing. You should be able to continue like this for a good chunk of time. If not, work up to being able to sustain that level of exertion. Go for a minimum of half an hour each day, and if you want to make it more challenging, introduce inclines and declines into your normal route.

Long term, walking will constitute a smaller and smaller part of your essential fat-loss plan as we introduce other techniques and training systems, but over the first six weeks or so it can be a great way to drop kilograms safely and effectively. The weight training, though? That’s in your plan to stay. Good luck.


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