Is Your Head The Thing That’s holding You Back?

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Is Your Head The Thing That’s holding You Back?


What’s the difference between people who get the things they want and people who don’t? It’s not hard-wired. It’s not about their genetic makeup. It’s about how they think about themselves.

Whether the results you want are personal, professional, financial, fitness based or anything else, the mindset you approach them with is key to your success. Achieving your goals is a win, and you attain a win by having a winner’s mentality. This means thinking that way from the beginning, not only once you’ve reached your goal, but from the day you set out on the road to it.

If you wanted to be a millionaire, would you try to get rich, and then start making sensible decisions regarding your money? Or would you start making smart financial choices today in order to grow your wealth?

If you wanted a promotion at work, would you continue to show up late, hung over and with a three-day growth, then just knuckle down if you got the job? Or would you start acting like the kind of responsible person who the managers might consider giving the job to in the first place?

So when it comes to your health, fitness and physique goals, do you want to carry on thinking and acting the way you always have, and expect to change when you finally get where you want to go? Or do you start now thinking with the mentality of the person you’re hoping to become?

I’ve seen a lot of people try and succeed making significant changes to their lives over my years in this industry. Of those that fell short, they were almost always derailed by one of the following thought processes.

“I’ll Give It 50% And See What Happens”

If you wanted or needed to be at a destination five hours away, would you fill your car with enough fuel to run for two hours? Would you drive for three hours and then stop to see how just being geographically closer to your destination felt?


You’d make a plan to get there, and you’d keep going until you were, right?

If you’ve identified a goal and you’ve established a course of action that will get you there, like a well designed fitness and nutrition program, now is the time to commit to that program. Attending training only half the number of programmed times isn’t committing to the program. It’s likely that you won’t even see fifty percent of the results from it, because each element of a good program consolidates the last. Eating according to your nutritional recommendations only half the time is similarly unlikely to garner you fifty percent of your results.

I get it. You fear failure, and the one thing you can do is reassure yourself that if you don’t get there you can at least say, “Ah well, at least I didn’t waste too much time and effort trying…”

Except that logically that makes no sense whatsoever. Does it?

You identified these goals because that’s where you wanted to be. If your program is good you WILL get there.

If you commit 100%.

“I Haven’t Got What It Takes”

The only difference between people who haven’t got what it takes and people who have is what they tell themselves. You have what it takes if you believe you have, and believing it is a choice.

Make the choice to believe you’ve got what it takes, and then when you’re faced with a hurdle you will respond like someone who does. You will find a way to get it done instead of using it as further evidence that you don’t have what it takes.

“I Want It Now”

We live in a microwave society. You can have dinner in front of you in three minutes. You can have a loan of thousands of dollars in your bank account after just a few clicks on your computer. Dating is only an app download away, you can summon any information you need with just a few taps on your phone. Everything is at our fingertips all the time, and this degrades the virtue of patience in people.

Serious change takes time and patience. If you want to drop body fat you need to equal the number of take-aways and Netflix binge-watches that got you there with gym visits and well-balanced meals. This will take time. It will take patience. Your results are there, they will come closer with every choice you make that sees you adhere to the program. Don’t expect to put in one good session and see miraculous results in the mirror. Lean creeps up the same way fat does. I remember the first time I looked in the mirror and saw myself for the overweight slob I truly was. I also remember the day a year later I looked in the mirror and saw my abs. Neither of those reflections showed up with any kind of warning. Both states crept up on me as a result of commitment to certain life choices.

If one pizza didn’t get you there, one salad won’t get you back. Commit to the long road and you’ll see the results.

“I Want It Before My Holiday/Wedding/Arbitrarily Identified Date In The Future”

Now this entry suffers from a little more ambiguity. On the one hand, I firmly believe that time-lining your goals is valuable. I believe that having a point in the future that you’re aiming for is a great thing, because it can act as a sort of focal point. But there is a downside too. I’ve seen people achieve mind-blowing results after only a month of training, I’ve seen others go three times that long before their friends start regarding them with awe and envy. No-one knows how their body is going to respond to a stimulus in those first few weeks, some people lose a little fat at a time from the obvious places, others seem to drop it very suddenly a few weeks in. Everyone will get results from a good program, but they won’t look exactly like those of the person next to them.

The point I’m making is that, as your designated day approaches, it can be demotivating if you were more concerned about your thighs than your hips and your body has decided to prioritise fat loss from those two points in the other order.

If you train, you WILL get results, but telling yourself it ALL has to happen within a certain time robs you of the joy of appreciating what you’ve already achieved. Nothing ruins something you have like only seeing what it’s not. So train for change, train for a date, but be happy and proud of the changes you manifest before that date.

“I Would Have Gone To The Gym If It Hadn’t Been For…”

The only appropriate resolution to this sentence is “I would have gone to the gym if it hadn’t been for the fact that I didn’t go to the gym.”

Short of breathing, there isn’t a single thing you are required to do in life as long as you’re prepared to accept the consequences of not doing it. We’re all grownups here. Actually, you might not be, but if you’re not I should warn you I occasionally use strong language or allude to adult themes in my posts. What was I saying? Right… We’re all adults here, we are responsible for what we do, and if you’re committed to your results, if you’re committed to your program, you will find a way to get there whenever it’s humanly possible.

The difference between an insurmountable barrier and a hurdle is mostly perception. It’s mostly a measurement of how badly you want what’s on the other side. So when you’re presented with one of those oh-so-common little wrinkles that life likes to throw at us, you can say “How do I make it to the gym now this has happened?” or you can say “Well now I can’t go to the gym…”

See the difference?

And if something truly throws a spanner in the works, ask yourself what it really has to derail. Maybe your gym visit has been thwarted this morning. Can you go at lunchtime? Can you go tonight? Can you throw in an extra session later in the week? How can you ensure wrinkles like this don’t cause trouble in the future?

That’s the mindset that gets you results.

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