Weight Loss: Insider Secrets To Staying Fuller, Longer

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Weight Loss: Insider Secrets To Staying Fuller, Longer

Do you constantly find yourself starving in-between meals during that day, even when your last meal wasn’t even that long ago? Or do you suffer from those post dinner cravings? Well don’t worry because we’ve got you! In today’s blog we’re going to let you in on a couple of secrets that will keep you fuller, longer. Which also means you’ll be less likely to binge on the nasty stuff when you’re too god damn hungry you lose all self control.

The Fullness Factor

In order to keep you fuller, longer we need to have a look at the amounts of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates in the food that we are eating. Not just the amounts but the quality of the nutrients plays a huge factor in whether or not what we’re eating will keep us full or not.

The Perfect Start To The Day

If you want to consistently have great days both mentally & physically. The you NEED to start your day in the best possible way. It is incredibly simple and easy. All of our clients start this as soon as they begin training with us. It is the biggest secret to your success not only for keeping you fuller, longer but for fat loss, energy levels and mental clarity/focus throughout the day.

What Is it?

Protein & Healthy Fat Breakfast 

Starting your day with protein and healthy fat as your first meal ensures that you have a slow and steady rise in blood sugar from the protein. (As oppose to the rapid spike and  then drop off that carb packed breakfasts i.e breads and cereals give). The natural fat then sustains this long into the middle of the day and even the early hours of the afternoon in some cases. Some quick and simple examples of the PERFECT breakfast are: Bacon & Eggs, Salmon & Avocado, Chicken tenderloins cooked in coconut oil. If you haver the stomach for red meat early in the morning steak & nuts is Coach Corey’s personal favourite. If you start doing this in your life we guarantee that you will start losing fat faster, have more energy during the day and stay fuller for longer!

Fibre For The Win

Fibre plays a vital role in keeping us fuller for longer periods of time!! How to we get more fibre into our diet? Veggies, Veggies and more Veggies! Seriously crew we can’t emphasise this one enough!! Vegetables are legit the most high octane food you can possibly put in your body. They should make up the biggest part of your diet. “Eat Green To Get Lean” is a little catch phrase I like to use with my clients. Not only will the increase in fibre help your body to work better than ever which will help you burn fat faster but it also helps you stay fuller for so much longer.

Protein Is King

If your diet doesn’t have high amounts of protein… then it NEEDS to now! Protein is the building blocks of life. Not only does protein help you build muscle but it also keeps you full for really, really long periods of time. So if you’re having a good serving (Roughly 2 of your palms) of protein per meal you will build more muscle than ever before, and you will also not be as hungry because you’ll be staying fuller for longer. This means FAT LOSS!!!

To sum up the biggest things to take away are: Start your day with protein and natural fat, increase the amount of veggies in your life and make sure to have protein with every meal throughout your day! You will always be satisfied and your body will work the way should!

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