6 Tips To Help You Pack On More Plates During Your Next Workout

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6 Tips To Help You Pack On More Plates During Your Next Workout

Changing your reps and sets around is all well and good but adding more weight to your training sessions is a necessary step to keep your results moving.

If you’ve hit a plateau in your strength and can’t seem to break it, try using a couple of these tips to give you the extra kick and get you lifting heavier.

1: Caffeinate It Up

If you ever struggle to focus or lack energy to train at 100% you might be needing some caffeine to help get you where you need to be.  Caffeine is one of the most highly used performance enhancers, it not only provides a physical increase but it also improves your mental performance.

Start by having 200mg of caffeine 30 minutes before to your session and then increase the quantity as needed. Your ideal caffeine dosage will pretty much depend on your sensitivity level and how regularly you have it. Find what amount works best for you and your tolerance.

2: Do One Light Set Prior To Your Heavy Set

One of the biggest mistake most lifters make is they go heavy straight away. Sure they might to a general warm up but without putting the body through the exercise you’re going heavy on under some for of resistance the muscles will not be properly primed. Therefore no maximal lifts will be achieved.

Start by doing a couple of light sets at about 40-50% of you max. Focus on contracting and activating the working muscles, this will bring every single muscle fibre to attention and ready for whatever stimulus they’re exposed to.

Now don’t just try and hit a PB the next set.. build up go to 75-80% next then 90 then you’ll be ready to start searching for that new max!

3: Visualise Hitting That Weight

This one may sound silly, however I guarantee just about every single successful athlete visualises their success in one way or another. The secret is to programming your brain into believing you can do it. Your body will always be able to achieve more.. the biggest limiting factor is you mind.  This doesn’t just mean visualise it on that day.. although that’s important too. It means every time you’re in the gym you’re thinking about hitting that lift.. when you’re sitting at work you think about it. This is how the best of the best do, so it’s how you’re going to do it too!

4: Pump Up The jam

Music can play a massive role in helping you achieve optimum arousal to hit a PB. You want to pick a song that gets you super hyped but that you don’t listen to all the time.. This song only wants to played on special occasions when you need to step up! The power of music is not to be underestimated.

5: Nail Down your Pre Workout Nutrition

If you follow us you should already know how important pre-workout nutrition in order to achieve the best results possible. However the “perfect” pre-workout nutrition looks different to everyone, so don’t just be following the normal stuff and eating some form of protein and carbs 1-2 hours pre workout?

Now sticking to your macronutrient breakdown is awesome for an everyday training session, when it’s time to go Super Saiyan, your pre-workout meals must be on point. Otherwise, your body won’t have the necessary fuel.

This can depend on what time you train as well.. sometimes a big breakfast before an early session doesn’t give your body enough time to absorb any of the nutrients. So you really need to play around with different macros and foods and find the combo that put you in the best place!


6: Train The Negatives

This is something we do with all of our clients in just about every single session.. It’s one of the best ways to increase strength and be able to explode out of the sticking point of any exercise. What this is is focussing/slowing down the negative (eccentric) part of the exercise. This is the easiest part of the movement. So by slowing it down your forcing you muscles to work harder with the same weight.

If you’re going heavier have a buddy help you with the concentric (hard) phase of the lift, then it’s all you to lower it back to the starting position SLOWLY!

This style of training will help you gain more strength. Eventually you’ll be able to hit your target weight in this style, this then means that you should be ready to hit it for 1 rep unassisted.

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