8 Pro Tips To Elevate Your Fitness Game

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8 Pro Tips To Elevate Your Fitness Game


If you’ve been training hard and going “okay” but you want to do better.. then you NEED to have a look at these 8 tips that will help take your training, nutrition and fitness to a whole new level!

1). Consistency. This is probably the number one tip we could ever give anyone. Be patient and be relentless. Fitness and results aren’t achieved over night.. you need to constantly train and hit your nutrition if you’re serious about getting results and taking your fitness to the next level! Get in a routine and stick to it! However don’t get complacent and lazy within this “going through the motions” ain’t going to cut it. You want to make sure that every single day in every single way you’re giving 100% if you aren’t then you can’t expect to see the results you want. You need to want the results more than you want to lay on the couch, or eat ice cream every night.

2). Drink More Water. 3-4L today isn’t a small amount of water and it is a crucial part of your health and the body’s ability to recover and detoxify the whole heap of different toxins that it has in it on a daily basis. If you aren’t drinking enough water then you won’t be able to achieve your full potential because your body NNEDS it in order to function at it’s highest capacity. Tip! Get a 1L glass VOSS  bottle and drink at least 3 of them every day. Add in another 1L in and around your training session as your body requires you to!!

3). Use Strength and Cardio. One of the biggest mistakes we see people make when trying to get fit and lose fat, is they prioritise cardio training over weight training. The ultimate training program will have a mixture of both in order to get the best from both worlds. Believe it or not but resistance training can actually get you super fit if programmed correctly!

4). Interval Training. If you want to get fit or fitter then you MUST be doing interval training. Simply smacking out km’s on the treadmill/stepper or doing a million reps of whatever will not get you anywhere near the kind of results that good, hard, dirty interval training will get you. What is interval training? Short sharp bursts of 100% efforts with varied rest breaks.. some sessions use short rest others use longer rest. This is the biggest piece of advice we could give anyone wanting to get fitter, faster and better. TABATA is a great way to start 8 rounds 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest.. do 4-8 exercises 8 rounds on each. 2mins rest in between exercises.

5). Do Compound Movements. Squats, Dead, Bench, Pull ups all of these big bad dogs are compound movements, multi joints, global lifts. They jack your heart rate, stimulate massive amounts of growth hormone release and as well as all of that due to the demand they place on the body they also burn a butt load of fuel (FAT)! Get around them they should be the staple of your weight training sessions!

6). Add More Weight. If you train within yourself all the time then you will NEVER reach your full potential. You need too push as hard as you can in order to achieve what you’ve always wanted. “If you train the same you’ll remain the same” don’t be afraid to fail! If you you add more weight for a set and don’t get as many reps out that’s cool!! If you get 2 reps out and you’re meant to hit 10 then that’s a bit too much weight but 8/10 that’s what you need to do to get those results you need to push your body otherwise it’ll get used to the stimulus its being provided and very quickly learn exactly how to deal with that… you need to out smart and shock your body if you want to achieve serious results!

7). Never Skip Leg Day! Ever! Legs are probably the most important muscle group to train in the gym. Why? Because when you train legs (properly) you’re actually training your whole body! You will achieve better gains everywhere if you’re hitting legs hard! I’m not talking leg curls and calf raises!! Squats, Deads, Lunges!!! That’s whats going to get you what you want to be!!

8). You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet! Trust me when I say this all of us coaches have tried this one and it can’t be done! You need to abide by the 80:20 rule of 80% you’re crushing your nutrition to an absolute tee and then 20% you can still let you hair down and enjoy the foods you love!! We’re only here once guys. If you have an unhealthy balance with eating nothing but clean stuff all the time and you desperately miss your favourites. Then you need to create balance in the force if you want to achieve the best results.  You should aim for long term sustainable healthy balanced diet over the quick fix short term strict as option!!

Hopefully there’s something there that you can use to start getting better results and improve your fitness!! Remember that everything takes time so if you start implementing one or all of these tips give it a bit of time before you start seeing the results.

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