Ultimate Guide To Building Shirt-Splitting Arms

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Ultimate Guide To Building Shirt-Splitting Arms


Volume, Volume Volume! That’s your secret weapon to building a pair of sleeve busting arms!! What’s the best way to increase the volume in your arm sessions?


Different to supersets, which generally alternate between exercises for opposite muscle groups (agonists and antagonists), a giant set is when you do four or more exercises of one targeted muscle group. We’re now going to share two epic arm giant sets to get you on your way to those shirt splitting arms!! When training any body part it is so, so important to move the joints through there full range of motion! Not only squats and bench press but if you’re wanting shirt plotting arms you MUST put your biceps and tricep through their full range of motion. Full extension and full contraction are crucial to maximising your gains!


A1: Barbell Bicep Curls 8-12 Reps Tempo 3010

A2: DB Bicep Curls 8-12 Reps Tempo 3011

A3: Un/Assisted Chin Ups 8-12 Reps Tempo 3010

A4: Zottman Curl 8-12 Reps Tempo 3010

5 sets


B1: Tricep Dips 8-12 Reps Tempo 3011

B2: Tricep Scull Crushers 8-12 Reps Tempo 3010

B3: Tricep Pull Downs 8-12 Reps Tempo 3011

B4: French Press 8-12 Reps Tempo 3010

5 sets

Try this program for the next 4 weeks and watch your arms transform into anacondas!! Time to jump on the gain train guys!!

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