Lift Like This And Grow Forever!

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Lift Like This And Grow Forever!

Too many people trainers included just simply don’t understand/know the correct way to train in order to maximise muscle growth. In today’s blog we’re going to teach you exactly how to build the most muscle possible from your training! If you apply these foundations of muscle building training  you results are going to go through the roof!!

Step 1: The Isolation Warm-Up

Step number one consists of warming up the targeted areas and isolating the right muscle fibres. This  is possibly one of the most important parts of training. Developing that mind muscle connection. When you first rock up at the gym, your body isn’t always ready to start lifting heavy stuff. By doing only a couple of sets of specific isolation exercises to warm up not only prepares your muscles for what’s to come, but also helps focus your mind on the training session ahead.

Warming the targeted muscles up like this not only reduces your risk of injury but it helps you to begin to fatigue the muscle.. More so when you have the right form and really focus your attention on squeezing hard throughout the entire range of motion. Generally you want to do 1-2 sets of 15-20 reps per set for your warm-up sets.

Step 2: Lifting Heavy Weight

Building muscle effectively is not as simple as most people think it is! Lift heavy weights from point A to point B.. Although weight creates tension on the muscles without focussing on the movement at hand and getting the full range of motions, good contraction and correct amount of time under tension etc. you will fail to build muscle continuously.

However once your target muscles are warmed up properly and are your mind muscle connection is pumping, the next step is to lift some heavy weight. You do this by doing the big global, multi joint compound exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, shoulder press, leg press, as well as your rows etc.

These big movements are a must do for building overall muscle and strength, however they also come with a high risk of injury if not performed properly. If you’re warmed up properly before you commence these big moves you will greatly reduce you risk of injury and get a far better feel for your muscle contractions. This means that you’ll be able to use less weight while getting ev better results.

Never ever sacrifice your form for weight!! i cannot stress this enough! If your goal is to build muscle then you need to leave your ego at the door not give to flying kites about what weight you’re lifting and do things properly. this is the difference between a smart serious trainer who will achieve his or her goals and the one is constantly injured / never achieving results. If the weight becomes too heavy to get your 10 reps out with good form and tempo, the you need to drop the weight back down and crush the last couple of sets.

Now don’t get me wrong you always want to be pushing yourself, however you want to push yourself by doing things properly with good form and time under tension so it’s OK to drop down in weight if it’s too heavy!!! This is muscle building guys, not ego-building!!!

Step 3: Active Recovery And Time Under Tension

Now once you’ve lifted heavy for a couple of exercises it’s now time to go one step further, slower and more isolated. Your muscle fibres have just taken an absolute just belting from the first few sets of the sessions you should be starting to feel exhausted. Instead of getting sloppy in training, give your muscles a different stimulus.

Use lighter weights so you can work through the entire range of motion, making you that your muscles are under constant tension throughout each and every rep.

Step 4: Giantsets, Supersets And Dropsets

The end of your session is where gains are either made or lost. At The Pit we like to call this “The Finisher”. There is absolutely no better way to do this than with giantsets, supersets and dropsets. This is going to pump as much blood as possible into your muscles as you push as many reps as you can in each set. This is where you start counting once it starts hurting to quote Arni, and just keep working.

If you start to get shaky here, reduce the weight or continue on to a different exercise. You should be absolutely smashed after only two to three of these sets.

When you can put all of these fairly simple steps together, you will start feeling the biggest pumps ever, leaving the gym buckled, and be satisfied in knowing that you’ve not just trained harder than ever but smarter and that the gains are guaranteed! Go crush it guys!

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