Ten Things To STOP Doing If You Want to Lose Body Fat

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Ten Things To STOP Doing If You Want to Lose Body Fat

Sometimes it can be freaking frustrating when you’re wanting to lose fat. You think you’ve tried everything and worked super hard. Sometimes all that is needed a a slight paradigm shift to make changes that will then lead to a reduction in body fat. Sometimes what you need is better information about what to do and how to do it.

Today’s blog is going to do both for you.. First of all, we’re going to list all of the the things that you need to stop doing if you want to lose body fat. Then, we’re going to show you exactly what you need to do in order help you get lean.

1: Stop Drinking Your Calories Soft drink, juice, and all other sugary ­sweetened coffees and teas etc. have no room in your nutrition if losing body fat is what you want. Drinking sugar is literally like transporting fat straight into your organs. Not only are these drinks packed with empty calories (no nutrients in the calories), but they do not impact your appetite one bit. They also mess with you insulin sensitivity and reek havoc with your metabolic (thyroid) health.

Instead: Drink water and coffee or tea without sugar.  Sparkling water with citrus added is another option if you need something more.


2: Stop Skipping Meals Do you do this? One of the most common things we hear with our clients is “I generally just skip breakfast because I’m always in a rush in the morning”. So you start the day with no fuel in your system. Once you get to work you find yourself flat out all day, it’s not until there’s some office birthday cake or biscuits that you eat anything. You might have a handful of lollies or chocolate or a bunch of coffees to keep you going. No a lot of people are under the false impression that  you save calories by skipping meals and that just taking a couple of nibbles of different things throughout the day (even if it’s junk food) is alright, you’re boring your metabolism to death while also setting yourself up for that post work/nighttime binges on anything & everything you can get your hands on.

Instead: Start eating in a routine and always aim to have your first meal by 10:00 am. Eating helps your body to combat the high cortisol (stress) levels the body experiences in the AM but it also prevents your body from breaking down your muscle to release glucose when you’re not eating anything.

3: Stop Snacking When we constantly graze throughout the day your body never has a chance to go fat burning. Generally of us snack because of boredom or emotional reasons, all the wile you’re piling on useless calories.

Instead: Eliminate random snacks in favour of 3 to 4 meals within a 12­hour period everyday. Meals should not be more than 5 hours apart. This type of routined eating sustains your metabolic rate, improves the balance of metabolic hormones and also allows the body to burn excess fat between melas.

4: Stop Staying Up So Late So sometimes the odd late night is required to get some necessary things done around the house or to prepare for the next day at work etc. However 9 times out of 10 this in not why we stay up late at night. Social media, TV series, and other recreational activities are becoming far too time consuming at night when you should be getting adequate rest!  Not only does this make you exhausted the next day after your lack of rest the night before but, your cortisol levels will be through the roof, your blood sugar levels will go crazy and as well as that your neurotransmitters that make you hungry and lazy are activated. Now I don’t care how “committed” no one can make good nutritional decisions with all of that going on in their body!

Instead: Stick to a sleeping pattern as closely as you can! Even on the weekends. Aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night. Create a routine, stimulating things away a certain amount of time before bed, dim the lights brush your teeth etc.

5: Stop Planning Your Meals Around Carbs When it comes to carbohydrates you want to add them not a meal not base your meal around them.. even healthy carbs like rice, potatoes, fruits etc. shouldn’t be the main part of peoples diets like they far too often are. Especially the refined processed simple carbohydrates that are so prevalent in 21st century nutrition like breads, pastas cereals etc.

Instead: Plan your meals around protein, higher carb foods should only be added in small amounts. Examples include chicken, eggs, steak, turkey should be the main focus of your diet and the  you can add sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice, berries etc.

6: Stop Doing Random Workouts A lot of people believe that some exercise is better than none. This is true to a certain extent however if you’re just doing “whatever” and a bunch of random exercises with no plan or outcome to achieve then you will NEVER reach your fat loss and/or muscle gain goals.

Instead: The best body composition results are achieved when you mix the training protocols of muscular hypertrophy, strength training, and Hight Intensity Interval Training together. Try an upper body and lower body day split for your weight training sessions then do a form of strength day and finally intervals to round out your minimum 4 days training per week. Stick to the same program for 3-4 week as to achieve the best results   

7: Stop Thinking All You Need Is Willpower If all you needed to achieve your fat loss goals was will power then everyone would be lean fit and healthy. Just because you might be mentally strong and determine and motivated whatever if you’re not doing the little things right you’re never going to get there.

Instead: Start to create habits. Daily actions that put together of the course of the week and then related for a few months is the guaranteed way to achieve results.

8: Stop Doing Exercises You Hate Although you may not always loveeee going to the gym and punishing yourself. If you’re going for runs, doing body pump classes of bikram yoga because you think that doing this will get you that sexy body you dream about even though you absolutely hate doing it then I guarantee you will give up.

Instead: The biggest key to a healthy life is to move more!! Even if the training that is going to get you the quickest results isn’t what you really life doing then moving as much as you can will help you to burn excess fat around the body. Getting back to our caveman origins is the key being as active as possible. If you don’t enjoy being active in general then i feel sorry for you but you need to at least lift some shit!!

9: Stop Rewarding Yourself With Food As humans we are extremely good at giving ourselves reward after the slightest achievement. “I worked out hard today” so I deserve some ice cream. This is exactly the kind of mentality you need to abolish as studies have shown that even though you may be engaging in strenuous exercise if you’re constantly eating the wrong foods you can actually gain fat rather than lose it.

Instead: Prepare you meals for the week ahead. And don’t have anything else lying around this is the only way that the food reward system will not occur. Like said before priorityse protein with a moderate amount of natural fats and carbs

10: Stop Saying “I’ll Start Once I…” Postponing eating clean and healthy and starting training is basically saying that you don’t want to lose fat as much as you want laziness and ice cream. We as humans these days procrastinate everything, fear failure and love being comfortable more than challenging ourselves. This is a massive one for so many even us trainers say it about different things in life.

Instead: DO don’t think about it any longer.. do you want results? Yes! Then you need to start taking action I don’t care how smaller steps as long as you start and don’t stop you will succeed!

To wrap it up exercise (training) and eating a healthy balanced diets not only improves your overall health and wellbeing but it also gets you looking a million dollars in the process. The key is to figure out how to enjoy it!



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