Fat Loss Hacks

Fat Loss Hacks

Most people these days once they’ve achieved any form of fat loss they tend to struggle to keep it off.  Following a diet for a couple of months they’re able to get an initial result, but generally after they’ve done this they tend to fall back into their old ways and they put all the fat they worked so hard to lose back on and sometimes even more!

When you lose weight the body clamps down your metabolic rate (how much energy it needs to exist) to try and prevent more losses. As a result you’ll generally start losing muscle mass as well, which puts you in a major metabolic disadvantage. This is why we never focus our goals at The Pit around “weight loss” we target fat loss and muscle gain!

However there are a bunch of training and nutritional tricks you can do to help stop this from happening to you!

1: Resistance e Training Is The Priority For Fat Loss

It’s general knowledge that lifting weights helps you build muscle. However it not that well known that it is also the absolute best way to burn body fat.. by increasing your lean muscle mass your metabolic rate increases.. This means that you require more fuel to live your day to day life.

If you restrict you calorie intake to lose weight the amount of muscle you lose during the process is upwards of 30% to even 50% of the weight lost!! E.g. An overweight female used a calorie restriction diet, she lost 7.8 kg 35% of which was lean muscle. This means that only 5.1 kg of the weight lost was fat.

This is why all low calorie diets always fail! They create such a destructive adaptation in the body it literally starts eating away at itself and you as a result burn significantly less calories. 

Take Away: Training with weights is the golden ticket you MUST be doing when it comes to losing fat and keeping it off once you’ve lost it. Not to mention the increased muscle mass you’ll achieve which leaves you with not only a higher metabolic rate and better mobility so that you are able to move better with your day to day you’re going to look sexier than ever before!

#2: Focus On A High Protein Diet Sustain Muscle Mass

Having a diet that is high in protein helps to create that metabolic advantage which makes losing fat a whole lot easier. This has been proven… with science!

Protein helps you to preserve an d develop lean muscle mass during fat loss the same way that weight training does. E.g. Overweight females who trained as well as eating a high­ protein diet, lost a total of 9.8 kg, 96% of which was body fat, and only 4% (0.38 kg) was lean muscle mass. Their body fat percentage dropped by 6%. A different group that ate a normal­ protein (0.8 g/kg bw), calorie restriction diet lost a huge 2.7 kg of muscle.

Take Away: Upping your protein intake is the best way to begin if your goal is to lose body fat because it protects your muscle. Which is what you need in order to succeed! Hopefully yuou’re getting it by now.  Try and aim for between 1.6 and 2.4 g/kg of bodyweight per day.

#3: Other Awesome Reasons Why High Protein Diets Are Epic

Here are another three different reasons why high protein diets help you to achieve optimal body composition.

1). Protein is extremely filling. When a higher percentage of your daily macro nutrients comes from protein, you will feel fuller for longer and therefore eat less calories throughout your day.

2). The body has to burn more calories in order to digest and process protein than carbs or fats, this process in the body is called “thermogenesis.”

3). Protein helps your body to manage it’s blood sugar and insulin levels better, this helps to decrease sugar cravings. High­ protein diets are also generally lower in carbs, and this mixture creates substantial prolonged decreases in insulin levels. This reaction also boosts your insulin sensitivity or (glucose tolerance), which means you’ll begin to experience consistent energy levels throughout the day as oppose to the more common “crashes” generally distinguished by fatigue and drowsiness.

Take Away: Decreased hunger, improved insulin sensitivity, and a boosted fat burning effect from food mean that protein is the greatest metabolically superior macronutrient of all.

#4: Eat More Natural Fats: Avocados, Fish Oil, Nuts, Organic Butter & Coconut Oil

Specific fats increase thermogenesis in the body just like protein, however they do it in a slightly different way. Studies show that these particular fats increase body temperature which leads to excess calories being burned.

Take Away: Smart healthy fats do not make you fat rather they help you lose it (in the correct amounts obviously) which for most people should be 25% of your daily calorie intake.

#5: Low Carbohydrate Diet

Low ­carbohydrate diets are one of the most heavily debated topics these days in terms of nutrition, most experts agree that a low carb diet is metabolically beneficial.

A decrease in carbohydrates forces the body to adapt and utilise other energy pathways that are not as metabolically efficient, this means that the body is going to burn more calories.

If your diet is quite low in carbs and high in fat, your glucose and insulin levels will be much lower after eating which means your body’s ability to burn fat will increase dramatically.

Take Away: Low ­carb diets can help you create huge metabolic advantages, however the benefits vary substantially depending on the macro ratio and length of the diet.

#6: Do Sprints Or HIIT Interval­ Style Training

Any form of sprint, interval or high intensity interval training creates a massive increase in the body’s metabolic rate both during as well as post workout.

Whether you love to do hill sprints, strongman sessions, or body weight HIIT the key is to go as hard or heavy as you can and then have short sharp rest breaks.Generally you want the session to last for no more than 45 minutes.

Take Away: Try and do atlas 2 high intensity interval sessions every week! They boost your calorie burn for anywhere up to 24 hours post workout and as well as that they also get you super fit super quick!

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