The 3 BIG Benefits Of Whole/Full Body Training

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The 3 BIG Benefits Of Whole/Full Body Training

Whole-body training, also known as full-body training, is when you hit every single muscle group in your body during one training session, as oppose to training them individually.

Now there is absolutely not wrong with “Split-style” training. It has been a staple training method of bodybuilding for decades now since Arnold’s hey days. In split training you are able to lift a greater volume with each individual muscle group. However Split training generally means less frequency as you generally will only hit each muscle group once in a weeks training. Whole-body training on the other hand consists of a smaller volume on individual muscle groups body, but you are able to recruit and work them more often.

Like a lot of things in life frequency is key. Here are four benefits to doing whole-body training.

1. Better Fat Loss

Research has shown that performing whole-body training can increase fat loss over generic split muscle group training.

Full / whole-body training encourages gene activity to keep metabolic action turned up in each muscle particular muscle group, this continues to last throughout the course of the day day. So as a result your body is basically burning more energy (fat and carbs) throughout the day as a result from whole-body training.

2. Increased Muscle Mass

One possible reason why whole body training has been shown to build slightly more muscle than split style training is whole-body training improves testosterone levels and decreases cortisol levels in the body. When your testosterone levels are high and your cortisol levels are low you are more anabolic.

Being in an optimal anabolic state through consistent whole-body training will increase your body’s ability to promote muscle-protein synthesis therefore leading to increased muscle growth.

3. Greater Overall Health

By training the whole body, not only are you requiring more fuel which helps your body to utilise more fat as energy therefore getting improving your body composition. It also helps keep your metabolic pathways firing throughout the entire day allowing your hormones to balance themselves  more easily. This will help you body to prevent the onset of numerous different metabolic diseases.

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