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A common complaint that I hear from clients and people in the gym is that their wrists are giving in on them. You know the feeling, you know you have more strength for a set and could complete more reps but your grip just can’t hold on. You lose the set and vital time under tension because your wrists are letting you down. It’s not your fault, you just need to learn what the weakness is and how to stabilise this area of your body to complement your lifting and help you to reach your maximum potential.

Weakness in the wrist is common as a so many aspects of our modern lifestyle contribute to it. Typing on keyboards, driving the car, and even carrying the groceries are classic examples of activities people do that leave the wrist in a compromised position. Manual work including various trades is a second example of this. As a result of repeating these activities day in day out without adequate stretching you are left with muscle tightness from the fine motor movement in the wrist, the origin for why your lifts are feeling weaker.

Don’t stress guys! We have the solution for you and it is relatively simple. With a couple of specific exercises, an extra five minutes of targeted stretching and strengthening work we are able to rehabilitate and strengthen your wrists and make them stronger than ever before! Completing these simple exercises we are going to develop your weakened muscles and restore balance and stability in the joint.

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So the next time you have a hit out at the gym just remember that your wrists need strengthening too, don’t get lost in the larger exercises there is plenty of strength that will go to waste if you fail to utilise your smaller movements. Besides nothing says ‘I’m Strong’ like a bone crushing handshake!

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