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Achieve Your Ultimate Stage Worthy Physique With Newcastle’s #1 Results Based Personal Training Centre

If You’ve Ever Thought About Taking Your Physique to the Next Level and Stepping Up on Stage Then This Program is For You.

Whether your competing in Bodybuilding, Bikini, Fitness or sports model you’ll work very closely with one of our expert body composition specialists.

We’ll smoke out the common approach to comp prep like countless hours of cardio and the 16-week fish and broccoli protocol but rather bring to light your optimal blueprint to success.

Your personal coach will leave no stone left unturned and ensure every detail is covered.

We will delve deep into planning competition nutrition, optimal training methods for your physique, possible hormonal imbalances, sleep patterns and lifestyle factors.

We also work closely with our partnered Naturopath to discover any food intolerances and examine your blood work (through saliva tests and finger prick test) to ensure your body is operating at peak performance.

This complete holistic approach to your health will set you apart from your competitors and have you in peak competition condition on your big day.


What You’ll Receive:

  • Advanced Level 1-on-1 Training Sessions
    This is the power source for your transformation. Uninterrupted, quality time with a dedicated professional means you’re going to get the best results possible (50min Sessions)
  • Complete Day-By-Day, Step-By-Step Homework Training Program
    Leaving no stone left un-turned we will give you a training program specific to your goals to smash out when your not personally with us. Designed to complement your training experience and ensure success you’ll experience even faster results
  • Ongoing Face-to-Face Follow Up BioSignature Measurements
    Designed you to keep you focused, accountable and continue to achieve amazing results
  • Your Personal No BS Shredding Nutrition Plan
    Whether it’s muscle gain, fat loss or to look like a true adonis you’ll receive ongoing individualised nutrition support to zone in on your targets and get you the results your after. You’ll undergo education in nutrition, digestive health and supplementation and we’ll show you how to optimise each of these areas by giving you a rock solid plan of attack
  • Weekly Shopping List
    No second guessing here…know exactly what to put in your trolley to achieve your ultimate physique
  • Advanced Level Supplementation Plan
    Helping you shred body fat, increase muscle mass and experience optimal energy our supplementation plan is the ‘icing on the cake’ for your ultimate physique. No highly marketed BS supplements here. We will explain what your body is missing and base your supplement plan on your specific goals
  • Nutrition & Training Diaries
    E-book exercise and nutrition diaries that enable you to record and track your progress on a weekly basis. A great tool to keep you accountable in achieving your targets
  • A Place On The Gorilla Pit VIP Mailing List
    We send you weekly tips, techniques and habits to implement so you’re constantly getting the most from your training experience
  • 24hour Email Support and Contact with your Coach
    Learn the most up to date training and nutrition methods to fast track your results with unlimited email support with your leading personal coach
  • The Gorilla Pit’s 100% No BS Training Session Satisfaction
    If you’re not 100% satisfied with your training session then you will not be charge…In addition you will also not be charged for the next session. It’s our way of assuring you that we are fully committed to your progress and success
  • The Gorilla Pit’s 100% Money Back Guarantee
    Results or your money back. It’s simple…follow and implement what we teach you, if you don’t achieve results we will give you your money back!

Undergoing A Fat Loss Transformation Does Require Some ACTION On Your Behalf.