Strongman Sessions

Enter Beast Mode! Train Like The Cast From The Movie ‘300’ And Get A Shredded Spartan Body

Feel The Heat. Visualise The Work And Recognise The Pain. It’s Time To Discover….If You Have What It Takes?

Our Strongman classes are designed to build unmatched strength, quality lean muscle and shred more body-fat than ever before.

These classes are open to all levels of fitness. Whether your a fitness fiend or just starting out, our strongman classes will get you results!

The sessions are designed to compliment your weight training and use rapid fat loss and strongman techniques combined with a no BS attitude.

The End Product…Results.

Adding Strongman classes to your training program could give you the extra boost you need to achieve your ideal body composition.

Expect to go beyond your health and fitness goals through unconventional training methods that will leave you feeling powerful and unbreakable.