The Gorilla Pit

The Gorilla Pit- Strongman & Fat Loss Training

Enter Beast Mode!

Train Like The Cast From The Movie ‘300’ And Get A Shredded Spartan Body This Summer!

Welcome to The Gorilla Pit! Beastly Results Are Just The Begining!

Feel the heat. Visualise the work and recognise the pain.
It’s time to discover….If you have what it takes?
Remember, it’s one thing to start something, but finishing it is completely different.

You haven’t earned the right to call yourself a Gorilla yet. But you’ll get your chance. If you have the discipline, dedication and can put in the work, sweat and strain, then get ready for The Gorilla Pit.

Consider this program a journey to the depths of hell. A mission to build unmatched strength, beastly muscle and shred more body-fat than ever before.

Make it out alive, put your heart and soul into it and come back leaner, stronger and faster.

Enough talk!

Get Excited! Email info@thegorillapit.com.au and Request Your Enrollment Form Today And Let’s Unleash Hell!


The Gorilla Pit Group Training is where we combine training for elite fitness and mental toughness delivered through strength and conditioning workouts along with nutritional and mindset guidelines.

Designed exclusively for males, these sessions compliment your weight training and use rapid fat loss and strongman techniques combined with a no BS attitude.

The end product…Results. Adding The Gorilla Pit to your training program could give you the extra boost you need to achieve your ideal body composition.

Expect to go beyond your health and fitness goals through unconventional training methods that will leave you feeling powerful and unbreakable.


Contact Us Or SMS ‘THE PIT’ To 0432 145 902…Start Training Like An Animal And Experience Beastly Results!

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