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The Leaders in Result Based Personal Training
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The Leaders In Result Based Personal Training

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Results Group Training

High-energy group training for those who want to lose fat, gain muscle and finally kick their fitness goals.

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Transformation Training

Our flagship program. A 12-week fitness and lifestyle overhaul for those who are ready to cut the BS and see real results.

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Personal Training

1-on-1 personalised attention with a dedicated professional individually tailored to ensure your success.

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Welcome to The Gorilla Pit


Here at The Gorilla Pit we combine the best parts of functional training, weight training and high intensity cardio to give you a complete personal training experience that produces rapid results.

A training experience you’ll want to relive everyday that will have you shredding body-fat, building lean muscle and increasing your fitness.

So, you’ve tried it all before, right?

The shakes, the diets, the online weight-loss programs. Sure, you may have seen some change, maybe dropped a few kilos or dropped a size in your clothes…

But it never seems to last. The weight slowly creeps back on. The motivation fades. Your health begins to fall back down the priority list. And where do you end up?

Back at square one. Again.

But not anymore.

The Gorilla Pit is here for the people who are done with the quick fixes, the false hope and the broken promises. We’re here for the people who recognise there is a lot of hard work to be done, but are ready to face the challenge head on.

We can help you make real change and see real results. But you need to be ready to put in the hard work. We’re not here to sugar coat the challenge ahead, but we are here to help you face it head on and push you to become your absolute best.

We’re here for the people who are ready to show up and take a stand — for their health, for their family, for their future.

So, are you ready to get rid of the extra fat around your mid-section for good and feel comfortable in your own skin?

Are you ready to regain your fitness and become a healthier role model for your kids?

Are you ready to finally prioritise your health?

If you are then we’re ready for you.

The Leaders in Result Based Personal Training

Inside The Gorilla Pit, we do things differently.

It’s not about just clocking time with a trainer — it’s about a complete lifestyle overhaul.

When it comes to your health and transformation, everyone has a different starting point and a different end game. But the 3 key pillars to see real change and achieve rapid results stay the same:

    Professional, hands-on coaching with a dedicated professional to help you increase your fitness, build strength and drop that unwanted body-fat.
    Your personal No BS nutrition plan designed to be sustainable and educate you to help make healthier lifestyle choices.
    Arguably the most important pillar. You bring the serious will power and effort; we bring the support to keep you on track.

This 3 pillar approach is incorporated into each of our unique training programs. We put in 100% to see you succeed and we expect the same in return.

But there’s something else that drives our success at The Gorilla Pit…


The Pit Crew will be beside you every session to support you, push you and celebrate your wins. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from or where you’re at because The Pit Crew has been there before and understands the doubts, the fears and the struggles you may be facing.

When you’re surrounded by a strong team, you can become unstoppable. This is why you see real results at The Gorilla Pit. This is why you keep coming back and smashing your goals, session after session, month after month.

But don’t just take our word for it — see it for yourself. We’ve helped hundreds of people in Newcastle and Wollongong to put in the work, put their health first and achieve incredible results.

Check out their stories and results below.

“I lost 18.8kg in 12 weeks and in the best shape of my life.” – Yane

“I feel a million bucks since I started and have dropped 15kg in 12 weeks.” – Quinton

“I feel unbelievable, I never thought I’d be able to get back to the fitness level from years ago.” – Kelly

“In the challenge I dropped 22kg…The Gorilla Pit is the place to go.” – Mark

Our, Results

“Without The Gorilla Pit’s guidance and motivation I never would have achieved the results I did.” - Jon

“I dropped 22kg in the 12 week challenge.” - Mark

“Post challenge now all my old clothes fit me and I couldn’t feel more proud or confident in tight fitting clothes.” - Gen

“Hands down the best gym ever...It’s hard work but I can’t believe the results I got.” - Kirby

“I’m down 11.9kg in the past 12 Weeks.” - Claire

“32kgs down in the 12-Week Challenge. I think they say every great journey starts with a single step, well that step’s been taken!” - Brendan