About The Gorilla Pit

Here at The Gorilla Pit our #1 priority is that you reach your results and we will do whatever it takes to ensure you get there. We provide our clients with comprehensive and leading edge health & fitness services of the highest quality all while maintaining personal care and creating a training experience you will want to relive each and every day. Our trainers are put through a gruelling process of selection to ensure you work with only the best fitness professionals in the business. We continue to up-skill ourselves as trainers by traveling across the globe learning from other leading international coaches. This ensures we stay at the top of our industry and you are receiving the most effective training systems available. We pride ourselves in being the #1 Personal Training Team in both Newcastle and Wollongong. We live and breathe what we do and our passion for fitness is continuously displayed through our unique training experiences. We’re about helping and educating people who want to live an outstanding strong and healthy life.

Trainer Profiles

Corey Clare

Master Trainer, ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach, Pre/Post Natal Trainer, Bodybuilder, Body Transformation Specialist and PT manager of The Gorilla Pit. Corey’s experience and knowledge of body composition is second to none. From helping ‘The Biggest Loser’ contestants win their competition to transforming everyday people to compete in figure and bodybuilding shows, Corey is known for his rapid transformations. He consistently delivers a quality of service that inspires, educates, motivates and always gets results.

Nathan Martin

Master Trainer, Poliquin Strength & Conditioning Coach, BioSignature Practitioner, Fitness Model and Body Transformation Specialist at The Gorilla Pit, Nathan is known as one of the leading personal trainers in Australia. Nathan is the coach other personal trainers invest in to get them results. His methods of training have helped countless people across Australia achieve their dream physique.

Kate Kaufmann

Growing up with a full time sporting background, Kate has always had a high level of discipline and a competitive attitude like no other. Kate served as a full time Preventive medicine technician in the Australian Army. During that time is where she found her true passion in Personal Training and the opportunity to help others. Kate brings a compelling outlook responsible for continually empowering others for excellence.

Connor Graham

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Josh Stewart

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Emily Bastick

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Andrew Linnenlucke

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